Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinet furniture produced with an understanding based on human and nature. Moreover, it was produced using completely natural materials. Our designs are prepared in 3 separate collections for you, keeping quality and elegance at the forefront. Tap the buttons below to view our collections.

Natural Material Furniture

All bathroom cabinets are produced with completely natural materials. The use of natural materials in the production of bathroom cabinets is of great importance to us.

Glass Bench

In some of our models, attention has been paid to bring elegance and quality one step forward by using unbreakable 8mm thick tempered glass, where aesthetics and safety are combined.

Lacquer Paint

Our products are produced by professional lacquer painters. Each product is carefully made with high quality materials and creative design. All products are made with a special technique to prevent cracking in dry and cold weather.

Led Mirror

Our lighting equipment used in our models is equipped with LED technology.

Bathroom Cabinet

Bagnotti since 2002 bathroom cabinet has tried to go beyond the standard and stereotyped understanding in its production. Bathroom cabinet models

has made it easier for you to choose by collecting it in three main categories. Produced by Bagnotti Bathroom cabinet models These are useful storage units designed for your storage needs in wet bathrooms in your home and office.

Bathroom Cabinet Materials

With our wide range of products, the importance given to details is at the highest level in our useful models. Our bathroom cabinets It is produced by professional lacquer painters.
bathroom cabinet carefully made with high quality materials and creative design. Lacquer process is produced with a special technique to prevent cracking in dry and cold weather. One of the most indispensable for bathroom cabinet materials is the unbreakable 8mm. it is the use of tempered glass.
This glass is used in many models of our bathroom cabinets produced by using Serel hygenie washbasin and it adds an aesthetic touch to your bathroom in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and design.

Bathroom Cabinet Types

Bathroom cabinets produced by Bagnotti are gathered under 3 main headings, and these headings include all the details that will help you choose the model suitable for your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet Types It is also possible to choose from different combinations. For this, all you have to do contact us from any channel you choose in the section.

Tips About Bathroom Cabinet Installation

Bagnotti bathroom cabinets vary according to the mounting style. Some of our models can be placed on the floor by mounting feet, while built-in bathroom cabinet models should be installed in accordance with our instructions for use.

Most of our bottom cover modules have special design and fine usage details to provide maximum comfort.

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